About jenpalmerhttp://practicehope.orgGiving parents hope in the storm of raising a child with physical and/or learning differences.

One thought on “Comparisons

  1. Wow Jen, this really resonates with me. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others. We often feel as if we know people by what we see on Instagram and Facebook, we think what people post is reality. Typically, people are posting the highlights or the summer, not the winters or the cloudy and rainy days of their lives. This is a reminder to us all to look at our lives and situations and own them, not comparing to others’ lives or social media feeds. The people and things in our lives are blessings. Are those blessings sometimes hard to see or deal with? Yes! But we’re equipped in every way to handle these blessings which are richer and bigger than we can even imagine!


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