Month: May 2018

Changing Direction

As we reach the half way mark of our NAPA experience, I want to share what God is teaching me. This trip was all about Miss Piper. The goal was to give her the skills she does not instinctively have and to pattern in… Continue Reading “Changing Direction”

Walk on Wednesday

This week has been rough for my girl. Piper has had to use muscles in her body that have laid dormant since birth. Her cerebral palsy diagnosis is not a life sentence. It is  an explanation that her muscles do not work with her brain.… Continue Reading “Walk on Wednesday”

First Steps

Miss Piper was exhausted after her first day at NAPA center. She complained, but amazed us as she persevered. Snuggles from my worn out girl… 💕 You did good baby girl.

Saving Our Turtles (Children)

I have loved turtles since I was a young girl. In the humid summers at my grandparent’s lake cottage in Indiana, I would spend hours each day catching and releasing turtles. In my mid-twenties, I paid to be part of an Earthwatch Expedition in… Continue Reading “Saving Our Turtles (Children)”