VERB past and past participle of spend.
ADJECTIVE having been used and unable to be used again
synonyms: used up · consumed · exhausted · finished · depleted · drained 

piper tired

This is actually one of my favorite photos from Piper’s intensive therapy. It represents the sheer exhaustion of giving every ounce of strength she had daily. Pulling herself forward on the scooter board was the last activity of each day. She hated it! We dreaded it also, because we had to come up with some tangible motivator to help her muster those last ounces of energy. She never quit. She lifted her head, protested with loud cries and tears, but she finished it every time.

How many days and hours do I feel spent and refuse to finish? What task is the Lord prodding me to accomplish, yet I lay down and cry? I often feel depleted and that I will never make it through the valleys. But, somehow I do.

Almost every definition of spent I found included the phrase “unable to be used again”. This is where the secular world is mistaken. Piper used every ounce of energy, yet each morning, the Lord graced her with renewed energy. She did not refuse to get out of bed. She may have protested and whined about walking in some days, but she did. Jesus said while dying on the cross, “It is finished,” but we know that was not the end. He died so that we can get up each morning with the opportunity to start again.

I look at this sweet picture of Miss Piper daily. It is a constant reminder to me that sad days will end, the struggles will wax and wane, there will be light in the dark places, and I will NOT accept that my life could be used up.

Let’s challenge each other to live a “spent” life. Let’s pick up our broken and tired bodies,  spend every ounce of life we have in loving our children, spouses, friends, and selves because our journey is not finished.


10 Comments on “Spent

  1. Jen, this is a beautiful reminder for us all! Our God renews us all the time, giving us exactly what we need to fulfill His will. You and Piper inspire me by your abilities not to be “spent”, but instead renewed each day by faith in a loving God who gives us everything we need. Thank you for sharing this, I needed the encouragement that even when I’m weary, God will fill me with energy to serve Him.

    Miss you!



  2. Thank you Jen for this. I know,we have all been there. I appreciate your writing so much.Connie

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  3. You and Piper are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us.


  4. I love your idea about living into a “spent life”! I think that is what Christ meant when he told his followers “Take up your cross and follow me, for my yoke is easy and my burden light.” It has just been in the past few years that someone pointed out to me that when Jesus talked about his yoke, the idea of a yoke is TWO creatures working/pulling together! His yoke is easy because He is shouldering the heaviest part! I know He is carrying Piper…and her family…along this arduous journey!


  5. This is a great inspiration in those dark days when you feel you have nothing else to give. Piper is such an amazing young lady and inspires others to give their all.

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  6. I am so very grateful and blessed to be able share a part of Piper’s journey with you . Your amazing faith and trust in Him inspires me! I can’t wait to see you and Piper – soon!


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