Puppy Tails & Teenage Ails

People told me that puppies were a lot like babies. Actually, I am starting to realize they are also a lot like teenagers. Directions need to be said multiple times. Just saying one “sit” or one “pick up your socks” is not sufficient. There has to be a minimum of 5-7 rapid fire reminders to hopefully see a result. Teens and puppies also seem to listen better if a treat is involved.  “Come” with a puppy snack and “my treat”  with some cash in hand seems to bring them both running.

Not only are their bodies growing, but they lack coordination. Our puppy will be so excited to fetch a toy, that she slides and smacks right into the wall. Our son will be so excited for food, that he easily steps on my toes or elbows me when turning around. Then each will get a look on their face questioning what I, the mom,  did to make it happen.

Snuggles are often interrupted with nipping and sharp teeth. Conversations after school can turn from, “My day was good” to “Stop asking me questions”.  Both want love when THEY want it and not when I want and need it. Despite the sleepless nights and daily worries, every time I look at either of them, my heart bursts with joy and thankfulness. These are my babies and the ones that need me. God has blessed me.

2 Comments on “Puppy Tails & Teenage Ails

  1. Aw, I’m so thankful you are enjoying your new puppy! I see exactly what you mean with comparing kids and pups – so many similarities in terms of parenting – we need to show consistency, love, set boundaries and give lots of space for learning, making mistakes and growing from those.

    Lots of Love,

    Jen Kirkman


  2. Lovely and true insight! Love it❤️

    Zeinab el Ghatit Have a wonderful day! Sent from my iPhone



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