Decoding the Secret language in education

Teachers and psychologists have a secret language. They speak with strange letters and all nod in agreement like everyone understands. The truth is that parents need a “SparkNotes” version before entering a parent teacher conference. Too often I have seen a lost look slide over a parent’s face as they secretly type the letters they hear into their cell phone for a translation. The teachers seem to be speaking in code: MET, IEP, SLD, ADD, ASD, EF…..

“What the heck are they talking about?”

I have wanted to write a handbook for parents for years. While I am in the early stages of outlining it, I thought I would get your input. Each entry on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page will have a brief explanation of one of these secret letter codes. I welcome your comments to create a community of parents to help break the code and level the playing field.

Practice hope today,


2 Comments on “Decoding the Secret language in education

  1. Such a great idea, Jen. You are a true leader in your area of expertise and I am praying for you as you work on this handbook that I’m sure will be a great blessing to many who are trying to navigate the world of education for their children.


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