About Me

Jennifer Palmer is a certified reading specialist, and highly qualified teacher, with a Master’s Degree in Education.  She has spent 20+ years in the classroom at private and public schools in Arizona. While  teaching, she created an academic resource program for students with mild to moderate learning challenges. This support allowed many students to access a rigorous curriculum at an academic private school. Jen has been trained in many literacy programs including Lindamood Bell, Wilson, and is a certified Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor.

Jen is also the mother of two teens. Her daughter has cerebral palsy, an unidentified genetic disorder, and is completely nonverbal. Jen has spent years advocating within Arizona’s Department of Disability and school systems to get her daughter the most appropriate and beneficial therapies  and schooling available. Her son keeps her on her toes with his passion for playing baseball and lack of passion for anything related to “school”.

As a learning coach and educational consultant, Jen is able to understand student success and struggles from many perspectives, as teacher, parent, resource director, and interventionist. It is her passion to help every child and family navigate the journey for school success whether it be in the area of executive functioning, organization, attention/focus, dyslexia, specific learning disabilities, and the more involved students with life altering challenges.

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