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Dance Lessons

I apologize for being absent the past few months, but my dance lessons have kept me on my toes. These dance lessons have been FREE! You heard me right, absolutely free, thanks to life. I have learned to waltz, tango, echappe, and even a… Continue Reading “Dance Lessons”


wea·ry [ wee ree ] 1. tired: tired, especially in having run out of strength, patience, or endurance 2. tiring: tiring or exhausting 3. showing tiredness: showing or characterized by tiredness I had to enter outpatient therapy and tried very hard to get healthy.… Continue Reading “Weary”


con·trol [ kən trṓl ] 1. manage: to exercise power or authority over something 2. restrain or limit something: to limit or restrict somebody or something My summer before college was once again filled with new beginnings. We moved into a handsome buttercup yellow… Continue Reading “Control”


move [moov ] 1. change position: to change position or location, or change the position or location of something 2. change residence, job, or school: to change your place of residence, work, or study, or make somebody do this My freshman year of high school, my dad’s boss let him go for spending too much […]


sand [ sand ] 1. material made of tiny grains: a substance consisting of fine loose grains of rock or minerals, usually quartz fragments, found on beaches, in deserts, and in soil, sometimes used as a building material My beginning was in 1972 and… Continue Reading “Sand”