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Decoding the Secret language in education

Teachers and psychologists have a secret language. They speak with strange letters and all nod in agreement like everyone understands. The truth is that parents need a “SparkNotes” version before entering a parent teacher conference. Too often I have seen a lost look slide… Continue Reading “Decoding the Secret language in education”

The Pup and the Tortoise

Well, we are surviving the COVID-19 quarantine with a good old fashioned battle of the wills. Our 6 month old pup, Lexxie, thinks she owns the place. Once our desert tortoise, Speedy, awoke from hibernation, he set her straight! Stay safe and pick you… Continue Reading “The Pup and the Tortoise”

3 Strikes – I’m Out!

She said it three times. I smiled back three times. My brain probably misinterpreted it three times. “It’s good that you brought Piper out,” she said. What I heard was, “It is good that you did not keep your daughter with disabilities at home,… Continue Reading “3 Strikes – I’m Out!”

Puppy Tails & Teenage Ails

People told me that puppies were a lot like babies. Actually, I am starting to realize they are also a lot like teenagers. Directions need to be said multiple times. Just saying one “sit” or one “pick up your socks” is not sufficient. There… Continue Reading “Puppy Tails & Teenage Ails”