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Join me weekly on FB live –

I am super excited to start a weekly Facebook live to encourage parents, teach you, and answer questions. So head over to FB and ask to join my group! Sunday’s 3-4pm MST time (if you can’t make it, watch the replay, and comment your… Continue Reading “Join me weekly on FB live –”

When my Words Tear Down my Child

“Intelligent children listen to their parents; foolish children do their own thing. The good acquire a taste for helpful conversation; bullies push and shove their way through life. Careful words make for a careful life; careless talk may ruin everything.” Proverbs 13:1-3 (MSG) “Do… Continue Reading “When my Words Tear Down my Child”

Dyslexia – a Disability or a Difference?

I sat across from a mother with tears in her eyes. Her daughter had just been diagnosed with dyslexia and a few other challenges. The wordy scientific books recommended to her were daunting. She searched for an understanding and jokingly asked if there was… Continue Reading “Dyslexia – a Disability or a Difference?”

A little video encouragement

Recap of my first parent education and encouragement hour. Hugs, Jen


prac·tice Verb – perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency. Have you ever caught yourself telling your child that practice makes perfect? I have been guilty of this a time or two. Recently,… Continue Reading “Practice”


la·bel 1. a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it. Many parents fear the “label”. They do not want their child to be seen as a word on paper like dyslexic, specific learning disabled, ADHD, executive function disordered,… Continue Reading “Labels”