Parent Guide ~ Education Consultant

God has blessed me with many experiences that help me to understand the struggles parents face when having a different learner. It brings me joy to help a parent navigate the stormy waters of finding the right school, the right person to evaluate your child, to read through and explain the detailed reports or IEP’s, and connect them with other parents that can relate. Please contact me for more information.

My experiences:

  • Certified K-8 Teacher in AZ
  • Masters in Education
  • Certified Reading Specialist
  • Trained to screen for dyslexia
  • Certified Susan Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor
  • Trained Motor 2 Cognition Coach
  • Trained in Lindamood Bell LIPS, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Trained in Wilson
  • Taught in the public school system for 12 years
  • Taught in a private Christian school for 10 years
  • Developed and coordinated a support program for students with mild to moderate learning differences in a private school.
  • Mother of a daughter with multiple disabilities and severe sensory impairment. She is currently in a self-contained life-skills classroom.
  • I have navigated the DDD, Dept. of Disabilities, system and the public school special education system from the parent and teacher perspective.
  • Part of a parent/educator panel at Foundation for Blind Children to answer questions about Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, ESA.
  • Dyslexic and have had to work hard my entire life.
  • Thankful to live each day as a mother and teacher.
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