Learning Coach & Tutor

We are all capable of learning. Some of us just learn differently. My goal and purpose in being a learning coach is for your child to see success as attainable. I will encourage and guide each child to find their personal strengths and use them to create study skills and an organization system to take with them in the future. Each child is unique and has their own learning style.

My credentials:

  • Certified K-8 Teacher
  • Masters in Elementary Education
  • Certified Reading Specialist
  • Certified Susan Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor
  • Trained to screen for dyslexia by Susan Barton
  • Trained MC2 (Motor 2 Cognition) Coach
  • Trained in Lindamood Bell LIPS, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Trained in The Wilson Reading System
  • Trained in Handwriting without Tears
  • Taught in the public school system for 12 years (grades 3-6)
  • Taught in a private Christian school for 9 years
  • Developed and coordinated a support program for students with mild to moderate learning differences in a private school complete with accommodation plans, learning labs, small group reading/writing instruction, and individual tutoring
  • Interventionist at The Jones Gordon School in Paradise Valley, AZ (currently)
  • Dyslexic and have had to work hard my entire life
  • Thankful to live each day as a mother and teacher

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