SPECial Education

A formal definition of special education is a form of learning provided to students with exceptional needs, such as students with learning disabilities or mental challenges. However, it was primarily created in the public school systems as a response to all students being guaranteed a free public education no matter what their needs. This is another abbreviation you may hear thrown around – FAPE. It stands for Free Appropriate Public Education. That means the public schools are required to teach your child. However, if your child is in a private school they are not required to offer SPED unless receive particular government funding. This is a very small portion of schools.

Before you start to conjure up fears of you child riding the short bus or being ostracized to a closet down the hall, take a breath. Special education does not have to mean a dead end. I prefer to think of it as a lower speed.

Gen Ed (General Education Classes) = 65mph Sped (Special Educaiton Classes) = 35 or 45mph

These classes all have the same destination! Destination “graduation” to teach your child in the manner they learn, at the pace that their brain needs, with the supports to help them reach their success.

I know some of you may be thinking this is not the truth in your school. So, go find a school that it is the truth. Your child only has one trip on the education road. Make it positive. Have hope!

One Comment on “SPECial Education

  1. Really great way to explain the sped on the learning highway of education!


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