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Graduation (warning, I get a bit spicy)

This is an odd year for us. We knew our son would be graduating high school, but not our daughter. She LEGALLY according to federal law was supposed to be supported by her high school until the age of 22. She has been in… Continue Reading “Graduation (warning, I get a bit spicy)”

SPECial Education

A formal definition of special education is a form of learning provided to students with exceptional needs, such as students with learning disabilities or mental challenges. However, it was primarily created in the public school systems as a response to all students being guaranteed… Continue Reading “SPECial Education”

Decoding the Secret language in education

Teachers and psychologists have a secret language. They speak with strange letters and all nod in agreement like everyone understands. The truth is that parents need a “SparkNotes” version before entering a parent teacher conference. Too often I have seen a lost look slide… Continue Reading “Decoding the Secret language in education”

3 Strikes – I’m Out!

She said it three times. I smiled back three times. My brain probably misinterpreted it three times. “It’s good that you brought Piper out,” she said. What I heard was, “It is good that you did not keep your daughter with disabilities at home,… Continue Reading “3 Strikes – I’m Out!”

When and How to get your Child Help.

Are you worried that your child is struggling in school? Has the teacher expressed concerns? Join me for a conversation in my Facebook live group. You will learn when it’s time to ask for help and who to ask in public and private schools.… Continue Reading “When and How to get your Child Help.”

Join me weekly on FB live –

I am super excited to start a weekly Facebook live to encourage parents, teach you, and answer questions. So head over to FB and ask to join my group! Sunday’s 3-4pm MST time (if you can’t make it, watch the replay, and comment your… Continue Reading “Join me weekly on FB live –”

From School Ponds to Summer Lakes

In the dog days of the last month of school, this gorgeous lake calls to me complete with sand, sun, and serenity. I am ready to trade homework, assessments, parent emails, IEP meetings, and no sleep for this! Many families will be heading out… Continue Reading “From School Ponds to Summer Lakes”

Do you parent like a curling iron or a straightener?

Did you know that round follicles produce straight hair and flat follicles produce curly? This seems like it would be the exact opposite, right? After I read this, I started to think about my children’s hair types. Piper had very fine blonde hair at… Continue Reading “Do you parent like a curling iron or a straightener?”

The Ducky Life

How do I teach friendship to my sweet girl that has no words? She is nonverbal and pretty blasé when it comes to her classmates. I cringe when her classmates’ parents tell me, “My daughter was so excited to see Piper. She kept saying… Continue Reading “The Ducky Life”

When my Words Tear Down my Child

“Intelligent children listen to their parents; foolish children do their own thing. The good acquire a taste for helpful conversation; bullies push and shove their way through life. Careful words make for a careful life; careless talk may ruin everything.” Proverbs 13:1-3 (MSG) “Do… Continue Reading “When my Words Tear Down my Child”